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Instant ⁠incident
in Slack

Instant incident management
collaboration in Slack

Allma is the no-code happy path
for your teams’ critical work

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Integrates with your current tools

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“It’s hard to organize incident response in a way that is predictable and repeatable. Allma has done the hard work of creating rails and tried and tested practices around incident response. Plus, Allma’s put repeatable process in our team’s hands so it’s easily adoptable.” ⁠-Jeff Hallyburton, Density

Effortlessly inform key stakeholders

  • Allma sends status updates across your Slack workspace on your behalf — no need to remember to text an exec or field distracting, “what’s the status?” questions.
  • Communicate externally to customers directly from Slack.
  • Page individuals and services – overrides your escalation policy to get the right people in without leaving Slack.

A list of three roles: incident commander, communications lead, and participant - each with a colorful emoji to the left.

Guided, configurable happy paths

  • Systematic approach to problem solving — Built in role management, severity levels, checklists. All customizable.
  • Reminder notifications on inactive incidents to reduce your cognitive load.

A list of workflows: technical incident, security investigation, and tabletop exercise - each with a colorful emoji beside them. There is also a note that more workflows are coming soon, "synthesized from experienced engineers".

Templates created alongside 300+ Engineering leaders for your stressful, critical work

  • World-class, library of workflows created by experts in the field.
  • Security incidents, urgent code reviews, customer escalations, bug bashes, people issues, and more!

A rainbow-colored timeline, cascading from "incident declared" to "problem identified" to "note: typo found in recent timeline" to "problem mitigated" to "incident resolved in 15 mins"

Simplify post-incident to do’s

  • Timeline generated for you in real time —captures key events, decisions, and data across your systems.
  • Edit and export timelines for post-incident review and audit requirements.
  • Analytics to understand and learn from incidents.

Route and resolve incidents faster. Communicate easier throughout your organization.

Pre-loaded with incident guidance from 300+ Engineering Leaders.


Work is messy – Allma brings together humans, data, and logic to problem solve and learn.

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