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Fly through your work


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β€œAllma has taken the guesswork out of our incident response and communication process. Now we spend our time solving problems instead of trying to figure out orchestration during an incident.” - Trevor Rundell, Director of Engineering, Drift

1-click emoji shortcuts to every tool

Turn your Slack reactions into personalized shortcuts and save time on everyday tasks.

🎫 ➜ Create tickets in Jira, GitHub, ...
πŸ‘€ ➜ Send β€œI’m on it” (or any other text)
πŸ“ ➜ Add to-dos to your notes app
πŸ“οΈ ➜ Sync to your Notion, Confluence, ...
... and 20+ other shortcuts

Create your own shortcuts or share them with your team.

Feel good β€” look even better

Shortcuts to speed up collaboration with teammates and customers in Slack Connect channels, ensure customer issues are resolved quickly,

πŸ†˜ ➜ Escalate messages to multiple channels
πŸ“… ➜ Share your calendar
πŸ—ΊοΈ ➜ Push feedback to prod roadmap
⏰ ➜ Schedule reminders

An AI co-pilot for your Slack

AI powered shortcuts to stay on top of conversations and generate content. Create automated summaries, draft stakeholder updates, customer comms, release notes, bug tickets, and more.

πŸ€– ➜ TL;DR lengthy threads into digestable summaries
🎁 ➜ Draft an update with tone tailored for the exec team
πŸ”¨ ➜ Generate tickets from conversations
πŸ“§ ➜ Draft customer emails directly from a thread

Superpowers in your browser

No more wasteful context switching: Allma’s browser extension will help you keep focused on the web page you’re on.

⚑ Quickly share the current page, highlighted text, and additional context to a number of work tools.

With one click:

  • Share to multiple Slack channels
  • Create a new Notion page
  • Share to an existing Notion page
  • (soon) Share to Jira, Linear, GitHub, Shortcut, and more.

1-click emoji shortcuts to all your tools

With Allma, move as fast as you work

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