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Why Allma

UI-less incident collaboration, natively in Slack. Allma is 0 ramp and meets you where you're already working. Work tool fatigue is real, our mantra is not another tool.

Allma is UI-less and does not require you to adopt new tooling or process. We adopt your existing tooling and incident process. No need to extract yourself from your current incident workflows to spend time in a new, standalone web app, Allma plugs right into your existing work environment and systems.

Allma gives you world-class incident guidance from 300+ Engineering Leaders. Leading you and your team through an incident, every step of the way. We also recognize teams have uniqueness in your incident processes— we offer max configurability and autonomy. Allma flexibly adapts to your organization and grows with you as you scale.

Finally, Allma recognizes that incidents involve the entire company and puts team collaboration at the center. Allma supports your entire organization during an incident— bringing everything related to incident into Slack, automating incident workflows, making it clear who’s doing what and keeping folks across the company up-to-date with what is happening. That way teams can focus on mitigation and resolution.

Our commitment to you —

⚒ No more standalone work tools.

☎️ No more manually texting your CTO.

🔍 No more struggling to figure out where to talk about an incident or sifting through channels to find an incident being discussed.

📚 No more digging through stale Wiki's to find process documentation or runbooks.

⏲ No more needing to remember to update the Customer-Facing team.

👩🏿‍🚀 No more unclear roles. No longer stress about relying on that person who joined one of the channels and lobbed a suggestion at you before going to lunch. No more trying to remember what an Incident Commander means or what you need to do as Communications lead.

🧠 No more messy knowledge handoffs across timezones.

⚖️ No more trying to figure out which teams need more resources.

👩🏽‍🚒 No more digging through the dumpster fire of Slack threads to build your timeline.

🛌 No more burn out.

Incident Collaboration for the whole company. No context switching. No anxious teams or customers.


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