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How to Integrate Sumo Logic with Slack

Get Sumo Logic alerts directly in your Slack workspace

Sumo Logic integrates directly with your Slack workspace to deliver monitoring alerts right to your team to organize a quick and effective response.

In this tutorial, we’ll go through the process of connecting your Sumo Logic instance with your Slack workspace.

What you’ll need

  • Access to a Slack workspace with permission to add apps
  • Access to a Sumo Logic account

Create and Install a New Slack App

The first step in integrating Sumo Logic monitoring with Slack is to create a new Slack app using Slack’s application builder.

Visit, and sign in if you’re not already signed in to your workspace.

Click Create New App and select From scratch from the modal that appears.


Give the app a name and choose the Slack workspace you want to link the app with. We suggest simply naming it: “Sumo Logic”.


On the next page, under the Add features and functionality section, click on the Incoming Webhook tile.

On the Incoming Webhook page, turn on the Activate incoming webhook toggle.

A new section will appear. Click Add New Webhook to Workspace towards the bottom of the section.


You’ll be asked to give your new app access to your workspace. Click Allow.

Copy the newly generated webhook URL and paste it somewhere. We’ll use it in a later step.

With these steps, we’ve created a Slack webhook URL that can be used to send messages to our Slack workspace. The next step is to configure Sumo Logic to use this URL to send us messages when an alert is raised.

Create a Sumo Logic Connection

Visit your Sumologic web interface and select the Monitoring tab at the top bar.

Once on the monitoring tab, select the Connections tab.


Once there, click on the + icon to create a new connection.

Select Slack from the list of connection types.


Give the connection a name, for example “Error Alert Connection” and paste in the Slack webhook URL you copied earlier. For now, keep the JSON payload as is. This is the shape of the payload received by Slack to parse into a message.

Click Save. Voila! Your Error Alert Connection has been successfully created.

In the next section, we’ll link your Sumo Logic connection with a specific monitor as the outgoing medium for sending an alert.

Link the Connection with a Monitor

You can use an existing Sumo Logic monitor or create a new one to link to our Slack connection. We’ll create a new one in this tutorial.

Visit your Sumo Logic web UI and select the Monitoring tab.

In the Monitors sub-tab, click on Add and select New Monitor.


A modal will appear with a form for selecting the type of monitor you want to create and the conditions under which you want to be alerted. Fill in the details as relevant.

In the Notification section, click the Connection Type input box and select the Slack connection we created in the previous step.


Click Save.

Congratulations! You’ve now completed the integration between Slack and Sumo Logic. Whenever this new monitor raises an alert based on your conditions, you’ll receive a Slack notification.


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