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How to Integrate Honeycomb with Slack

Get Honeycomb notifications directly in your Slack

Effective debugging requires the detection of bugs as soon as possible. With Honeycomb’s Slack integration, you can get notified of problems in your application inside your Slack workspace to quickly orchestrate a response. In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through the process of how to set up this integration.

What you’ll need

  • Access to a Slack workspace where you can add apps.
  • A Honeycomb account linked with an app. An app running locally on your computer is fine too.

Adding the Honeycomb App to Slack

Before you continue with the tutorial, make sure you’re logged in to your Slack workspace in your browser.

Visit and log in if you’re not logged in already.

Once you’re inside the Honeycomb web UI, select Account > Team settings from the side navigation bar.


On the settings page, click the Integration tab.

Click on Add to Slack.


Slack will ask you for permission to add the app to your workspace. Click Allow.

With that, you’ve added the Honeycomb Slack app to your workspace. The next step is to make use of this app by adding a trigger to your Honeycomb instance.

Add a Trigger to Honeycomb

To use the Honeycomb Slack app, you’ll need to create a new trigger or edit an existing trigger in one of your Honeycomb datasets. Let’s create a new trigger as an example.

In your Honeycomb web UI, select Triggers from the sidebar menu and then click the New Trigger button.

Select the dataset you want to add this trigger to and click Make Trigger.


Give the new trigger a name and description.

Make sure the state is set to enabled.

Build the query you want to run for this trigger. The image below has a query that checks the number of HTTP OPTION requests.


Select the threshold for the query result and set the query frequency.


Click Add Recipient towards the bottom of the form.

Select Notify via Slack, specify the Slack channel you want to be notified in, and click Add.


Once the recipient is added, click Create Trigger.

With the query and threshold value we’ve set in this example, you’ll now receive a Slack notification whenever your application receives five or more OPTION requests within five minutes.


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