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Increase your team’s productivity
with embedded ⁠Slack actions
and notification management

Increase your team’s productivity with embedded
Slack actions and notification management


Improving efficiency for teams at

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Systematize collaboration across your team

Allma Actions enable teams to collaborate effectively across multiple systems.

With Actions to capture notifications, take immediate action, and share updates, teams can resolve critical issues all from within Slack. 

Embedded in Allma Actions are best practices from 300+ engineering and product leaders that provide a lightweight process and guide your team. 

Protect your team’s time

Allma offers built in Jira, PagerDuty, Opsgenie, Statuspage integrations and 20+ other connectors across widely used alerting & monitoring, ticketing, product, and chat systems. 

Teams can now share context and manage incidents, bug reports, and feature requests all from within Slack. Updates can be sent directly to Jira, key decisions can be captured and viewed in a single place on Allma’s timeline.

Empower your team to build stronger customer relationships

Allma integrates into any Slack Connect channel, so your team can benefit from lightweight processes to ensure customer requests are tracked and monitored. 

Allma allows you to prioritize reminders so you can close the loop with your customers faster. 

Increase your team’s efficiency

With notification management, built in integrations, and embedded Actions, Allma allows teams to quickly resolve critical issues all from within Slack.

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