How to integrate New Relic with Slack

How to integrate New Relic with Slack

Get New Relic error notifications in the Slack channel of your choice

Along with core in-app visualization dashboards, New Relic can also send you alerts in real-time in case of an error or performance problem. In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through the process of integrating your New Relic instance with your Slack workspace to set up alerts that quickly inform you and your team of any issues.

What you’ll need

  • Permission to add apps in Slack
  • Admin-level access to a New Relic instance

Install the Slack Integration

  1. Log into your New Relic One instance.

  2. On home page, select Alerts and AI > Destinations from the top menu bar.

  3. Select Slack from the list of alert destinations.

  4. On the modal that opens, click One click slack authentication.

  5. On the next page, if you’re logged in to your Slack account, you’ll be asked to allow New Relic to access your Slack workspace. Click Allow. This will add the New Relic Slack app to your workspace.

Make sure you select the right workspace before clicking Allow if you’re signed in to multiple Slack workspaces.

Link an Error Inbox with A Slack Channel

New Relic allows you to link error inboxes or alerts with different destinations. This tutorial assumes that you’ve already set up at least one error inbox in your New Relic instance. You can create and link an alert in the Alerts & AI tab. However, in this tutorial, we’ll look at connecting an error inbox with our Slack channel.

  • In your New Relic One web interface, go to Errors Inbox and select your workspace.

  • Click Set up Notifications from the quick actions menu on the left.

  • In the modal that appears click the Slack toggle.

  • Select the Slack workspace and channel that you want to associate with this error inbox and click Save.

  • Click the Test button to verify the Slack channel was linked successfully.

That’s it! You’ve now linked your error inbox with your Slack workspace and channel. Whenever your error inbox receives an error message from your workload, you’ll receive a notification in the Slack channel you just selected.

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