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Connect Kibana + Slack

Supercharge your Kibana and Slack integration

Top Kibana + Slack Actions

Systematize and act on Kibana events, directly in Slack.

Re-share a Kibana alert to other channels to notify stakeholders

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Kick off an investigation with 1 click and start collaborating

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Snooze and configure reminders for the Kibana alert

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Acknowledge the Kibana alert and let people know you're looking into it

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Use the πŸ““ to capture key Kibana events in a timeline for post-incident reviews and audits

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Kibana + Slack

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Kibana + Slack Workflows in Slack

Loop Kibana into key collaborations

Access Allma's complete workflow library, including

  • πŸ›  Technical incidents
  • ⬆ Customer escalations
  • 🎲 Tabletops
  • Code reviews
  • πŸš€ Releases

…and many more, sourced from engineering leaders and top tech companies.

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