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⚡️ Zapier

What is the Allma // Zapier integration?

The Zapier integration enables Allma users to broadcast events between different services.

How do I enable the Allma // Zapier integration?

Watch our overview, or follow the steps below

Currently, the only way to use the Zapier integration is by a reacji on a message you’d like to push to a different service. This will likely expand to additional events and actions in the near future. Before we can do anything, though, we need to set up the integration.

1. Begin by creating a new Zap in Zapier

Select Allma as the trigger app. When you get to the “Choose account”, you’ll be prompted to enter an API key.

2. Copy your API key from the Allma web app

Enable the Zapier integration and you will be taken to the settings page for the integration. There, you can copy your API key.

3. Submit your API key and finish creating your Zap

You can connect the Allma trigger to any action you want. Be sure to publish the Zap and make sure it’s turned on.

How does the Allma // Zapier integration work?

Use the ⚡ (:zap:) emoji on a Slack message to trigger the reacji. This will trigger your Zap and run whatever action you set up.

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