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ūüď£ + Allma Integration Benefits

  • Create Statuspage Incidents directly from your Allma Incident, and allow Allma to help you control the updates, all within your existing Incident Workflow processes.
    NOTE ‚Äď by default role permissions, only the incident commander will have permissions to interact with Statuspage. Therefore, they will be the only user to see the Statuspage buttons.
  • Use¬†/allma update or¬†/allma edit to prompt for updates to the¬† Incident bound to your Allma Incident, to keep your users and stakeholders informed at all times.
  • Use¬†/allma resolve to kick off a final reminder to resolve the public¬† Incident before closing out your Allma Incident, or allow it to remain open until your proceed through your own internal resolution process.

Requirements integrations require access to create and view API Keys within


If you need help with this integration, contact

How do I enable the + Allma integration?

You can enable the integration by following these steps:

  • Navigate to our Integrations Page on by clicking the following icon on the sidebar:
  • You should see our card, with a grey "disabled" toggle:
  • By clicking on the toggle you'll be redirected to our settings page, where you'll need to enter an API Key and define a StatusPageId to complete the integration. If you don't complete this step, the integration will still be in an "enabled" state, but will be unable to provide any value until you provide those values.
  • To get a valid API Key, navigate to "API Info" in by clicking on your profile ID while logged in.
  • On this page, you can use an existing API Key, or generate a new one for use with Allma. We recommend always using an Allma-specific key for our integrations where possible for maintaining strong security practices.
  • On this same page, you can also see the Page IDs of your currently configured status pages, making it a convenient location to find everything you need to get going with Allma.

How does the + Allma integration work?

There are two convenient ways for you to manage your status page through an Allma Incident, once you have enabled the integration.

Allma Status

The first is through /allma status. Once you have the integration enabled, you'll see an additional prompt from Allma to manage the incident through your status page


Clicking [New status page incident] will prompt you to create the incident, as demonstrated below.

Clicking [View status page] will open a browser window into the public facing part of your status page, showing you what your users currently see.

Allma Edit / Update

The second way to interact with your status page through Allma is through reminders posted to you whenever you edit an Allma Incident via the /allma update or /allma edit command. You'll be reminded to also create or update an incident on your status page, so that you can decide when an Allma Incident needs to make a material update to your public incident.


Creating and Updating incidents

Creating or updating the incident happens seamlessly from a single dialog, and allows you to post status updates for all of your configured components.


Please note - The Management APIs are both latency prone and tightly controlled for rate-limiting. Because of this, we run the request to create or update the incident in the background. You will receive a message informing you that it has been created or updated once we complete the request on your behalf.


Once the Allma Incident has been resolved, you will see a final prompt for resolving the incident, like so


Please note - Because of the public nature of incidents, Allma will not automatically resolve them once the Allma Incident is resolved. You will be reminded to resolve the public incident before closing out your Incident fully. This allows you time to coordinate with additional stakeholders before committing to a public resolution.

Clicking Update status page will re-open the same dialog from before, giving you another chance to set the status to Resolved, and ensure all components are marked as Operational.

This is an optional step, and completing it has no bearing on your Allma Incident's resolution status.

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