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🤖 Slash commands

Slash commands allow you to quickly access and use Allma features.

How do I use slash commands?

To use slash commands, simply type the command you want in your normal chat input, then hit enter. To kick off a new workflow, for example, try /allma new:


Which slash commands are available?

You can see all commands within Slack at any time by using /allma help. All commands can also be seen below:

“Universal commands”

These commands can be executed from anywhere in your Slack workspace — from #general to a workflow channel. They always do the same thing.

  • /allma help — List all available slash commands.
  • /allma new [instance name] — Declare a new workflow instance and create a channel. (Optional) Any text, including spaces, after new will be used as the incident name.
  • /allma list — Display all active and inactive incidents.

“Workflow channel commands”

These commands only have utility within a workflow channel:

  • /allma status — Display information about the active incident.
  • /allma edit — Edit the active incident details.
  • /allma note [note text] — Add a timeline note for the active incident. (Optional) Any text, including spaces, after note will be used as the note.
  • /allma timeline — Display the timeline events for the active incident.
  • /allma resolve — Resolve the active incident.
  • /allma page — Page a service or user about the active incident.
  • /allma role — Change your role for the active incident.
  • /allma assign — Assign a person to a role for the active incident.
  • /allma here — See who's doing what.

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