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🗄️ Re-opening incidents in archived channels

How to re-open your incident if the channel was archived

If you realize after our 7 day waiting period that you need to re-open an incident, but are unable to do so because the channel is archived, then you can follow these steps to help get your incident back into a functional state.

Step 0 - If the room isn't archived yet

Go ahead and jump to Step 2 now, and skip the beginning set of steps

Step 1 - Unarchiving the channel

Login to and click on the incidents button in the sidebar, like so


Then, locate the incident in question you're looking to un-resolve. You can more quickly filter down to just those which have been recently resolved by using the convenient search filters on the left side of the page, like so


Once located, click into the incident and look for the Channel header, which will contain a link to the slack channel directly. Click on that link to open the channel directly in slack

Once in the channel, look for the header at the top of the Slack client, and click on the small downward arrow, like so


A new modal will appear, click on the Settings tab which will present you with the option to un-archive the channel, like so


Clicking this button will re-enable the channel.

Step 2 - Un-resolve the incident

If an incident is resolved, you have two options for un-resolving.

The first is using the ephemeral message we send to the person who resolved it, like so:


The second is by running /allma status and using the unresolve button there, like so:


Clicking either button will start the same process, which will guide you through moving the Incident status back into one of the in-progress states, and then provide a new note about why the incident was un-resolved.


Once confirming via Unresolve, the incident will become open again.

Note: The incident resolution note will be cleared upon doing this

Your incident is now re-opened!

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