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Which Opsgenie Tiers does Allma Support?

Allma currently supports the Standard and Enterprise tiers for Atlassian Opsgenie. We currently do not support the Free and Essentials tiers as both tiers lack support for outbound integrations which Allma requires to receive alerts from Opsgenie.

How do I enable the Allma // Opsgenie integration?

You can enable the Opsgenie integration by following these steps:

  • Navigate to our Integrations Page by clicking on the following icon on the sidebar:
  • You should see our Opsgenie card, with a grey "disabled" toggle:
  • By clicking on the toggle you'll be redirected to our Opsgenie Settings page, where you'll need to enter an API Key to complete the integration. If you don't complete this step, the integration will still be in an "enabled" state, but will be unable to provide any value until you set the API Key.
  • To generate the API Key in Opsgenie, navigate to their Settings menu tab at the top of the navbar, and then click on Integrations List
  • Select an API type integration, as demonstrated below
  • When configuring the API Integration in Opsgenie, take care to remove the "{{responders}}" section from the configuration, as this can produce excess noise inside of your incident channels when using Allma for paging others.
  • Name the integration "Allma API Key" so that it's easy for you to track the purpose of the key over time.
    • Due to how the OpsGenie considers entries in the Integration Page to have unique names within the entire account, please ensure you do not use the name "Allma" on it's own, as this will cause problems when Allma enables the outgoing-webhook inside of Opsgenie.
  • Do not pick a team, as Team API Keys have limited access to manage Alerts which will impede our ability to help you manage the alert lifecycle.
  • Leave all other settings the same, copy the key, and hit Save Integration at the bottom of the screen.
    • Note: It's quite easy to miss saving the integration in Opsgenie, so take care to ensure you've done so or else we cannot authenticate against them.
  • Once you've provided the API Key back in the Allma Settings page, we will create a Webhook in Opsgenie to begin streaming alerts into our system.
  • If you want to verify that the integration is working from Opsgenie, navigate to the same Settings page and click Configured Integrations on the side bar. You should see a Webhook configured like so

How does the Allma // Opsgenie integration work?

Allma // Opsgenie integration enhances the Opsgenie paging functionality directly into Slack. This means you're now able to see all your alerts and manage them as Incidents via Allma, as well as page team members onto existing incidents - All from the comfort of your Slack Workspace.

  • When an alert from Opsgenie fires off, Allma recevies notifications the Webhook, and responds by placing a note on the alert in their system. This note will have some basic instructions for operators on how to manage this via Allma
  • When you create an Allma Incident, any active Opsgenie alerts will be selectable to attach.
  • Upon creation of the incident, all of those alerts will be automatically Acknowledged if they aren't already. This status will reflect anywhere you have already integrated Opsgenie alerts.
  • Upon resolving the Allma Incident, all of those alerts you selected above will be automatically Resolved in Opsgenie. This status will reflect anywhere you have already integrated Opsgenie alerts.
  • When updates are made to an Opsgenie alert, that is connected to an Allma Incident, those changes are reflected in the Allma timeline (both in Slack, and in our web app).

Can I see Allma Incidents in Opsgenie?

Yes, Allma will link to an incident channel by placing a note on the alert within Opsgenie so that team members can easily see where the action is happening.

Do my Opsgenie alerts show up in Allma's Incident channels?

Yes, Opsgenie alerts will show up in Allma's incident channels (although you can always customize this feature in your Workspace Settings so they don't show up). Allma intercepts Opsgenie alerts and drops them into your active incident channels so you can quickly get context on new alerts and take ownership over any that are related to your active incidents.

To disable new Opsgenie alerts from being posted into your existing incident channels, disable this setting in


How can I declare and Allma Incident straight from an Opsgenie alert?

When you see an incoming Opsgenie alert in Slack, you can execute the slash command /allma new from anywhere in your workspace. In the modal, you will see an alerts dropdown where you will find all active Opsgenie alerts, and you can bind those alerts to the Allma event. By binding the relevant Opsgenie alerts, Allma will acknowledge the alerts and avoid additional messages being sent for the same alerts.

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