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📣 Incident subscription notifications

Subscription notifications are an easy way to automate the communication of important information to other channels across the company.

Guidance: we recommend setting up notifications to all channels that play an active part in incidents, as well as, channels who need to receive information around incidents. Typically we see customers set up notifications to the following channels: Engineering, Customer Team, Product, Exec, Marketing, Sales, Legal, and Ops, as well as general incident and bug channels and customer ticket channels.

What events can I subscribe to for cross-channel broadcasts?

The following events are available:

  • INCIDENT DECLARED: Triggered when an incident is declared.
  • SUMMARY CHANGED: Unused at this time.
  • IMPACT CHANGED: Triggered when an incident's impact changes.
  • STATUS CHANGED: Triggered when an incident's status changes.
  • SEVERITY CHANGED: Triggered when an incident's severity changes.
  • RESOLUTION CHANGED: Triggered when an incident's resolution message is changed.
  • TIMELINE NOTE ADDED: Triggered when a note is added to the incident's timeline.
  • ALERT CHANGED: Triggered when an associated alert's status changes (eg: a PagerDuty alert is acknowledged).
  • STATUS PAGE UPDATED: Triggered when an associated status page is updated through Allma. (eg: a update)
  • INCIDENT REOPENED: Triggered when an incident's status is reverted from Resolved.

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