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Does Allma really have a free-forever plan?

Yes! You can access the original technical incident management workflow we built with over 300+ Engineering leaders and invite as many colleagues as you would like by simply adding Allma to Slack.

Can I try out Allma without installing it into my workspace?

You can create a test workspace and configure Allma in your test environment. Alternatively, you can enter Allma’s public sandbox. You will be able to start a workflow of your choice in the sandbox. It is also pre-configured with notification channels, severity levels, and roles. 

Do I need to have Slack admin access at my company to install Allma?

Depending on your company's admin settings, you may need to be a Slack admin be able to install Slack app. If this is the case, you will need to have an admin level team member install Allma to your Slack workspace or be granted admin level permissions.


How do I access Allma’s web app?

You can access the web app at

Where can I get the latest integration list?

Today we support Slack (with our Slack-native app), PagerDuty, OpsGenie, JIRA, and We'll soon be shipping additional integrations soon, including Zoom. You can find the latest integrations we have on or in our web app.

How can I enable and configure integrations?

You can enable integrations in our install flow and at any time afterwards in our webapp.

Where can I update and configure Allma’s settings?

Once you have installed Allma, you will have access to Allma web app to access your settings at any point. You can always view or change any settings later by logging into our Webapp or in Allma app home.

Will my incident channel be archived? 

Incident channels are automatically archived 7 days after it has been marked as Resolved. You are still able to access this archived channel either by searching for it in Slack, or clicking on the channel link in the timeline section of the Allma’s webapp. 

Why are my Resolved incident channels not being archived after 7 days?

Your Slack administrator may have restrictions around archiving channels for your workspace. Here’s an article about Slack’s access for channel management.

What are the key differences between a private and public Allma channels?

Below are the key differences between the private and public Allma channels: 

  • Timeline - only channel members are able to access the timeline
  • Incident list - only channel members are able to access the list of private incidents
  • JIRA integration - JIRA tickets will not be auto created for private channels. You will be presented with an option to create a JIRA ticket when the workflow is selected.

How does Allma keep my data secure?

Allma, while an early start-up, understands and practices the importance of both security and reliability as two core pillars of building an effective and trustworthy software product for other companies. Our early team is composed of senior engineers who have a past of working in highly regulated and security-sensitive environments. We've leveraged our experience to develop our philosophy, which is simply to not compromise on security for sake of the product, speed, or any other ephemeral short-term gain. To view our security specifications, see here.


Where can I route my company’s Security Vendor Questionnaire?

You can send your Security Vendor Questionnaire to Here's also link about our security specifications.

How do I contact Support?

You can contact support at Once a request is sent in, a case confirmation email with the ticket number will be sent to the requestor. The case will then be assigned according to our engineers availability and required skills set.

What are the hours of operation for Support? 

Allma’s Technical Support is available Monday to Friday from 8:00AM to 6:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. We are also available off hours for Severity 1 incidents.

What if I have product feedback? 

If you have product feedback, you can either email or reach out to your customer success contact. 


Can I choose whether or not updates for any alerts bound to an incident show up in the incident channel?

Yes, you can configure this any time in settings in our webapp.

Can I decide whether or not newly triggered alerts show up in the incident channel?

Yes, you can configure this any time in settings in our webapp.

Do I need to integrate with an alerting tool to declare an incident with Allma?

Absolutely not. You can declare an incident with Allma by executing the slash command /allma new from anywhere in your Slack workspace or by clicking on the button "Declare a new incident" in Allma's app home in Slack.

Can I customize the incident channel name?

Yes, you can edit the text prefix to use for incident channel names. The default prefix is 'incident" and you can customize to the prefix of your chosing in Settings (Incident Channel Prefix).

What do I do if we start talking about an incident in another Slack channel? I want to make sure those notes are captured in the timeline!

There are a few paths we recommend— 

  1. Hover above the start of incident related messages in the channel you're in and click, "copy link" and paste the link as the 1st new message in the incident channel
  2. Hover above the start of incident related messages in the channel you're in and click, "copy link" and paste the link in the timeline in Allma webapp
  3. Copy messages as a code block and paste into the timeline in Allma webapp

How do I declare an incident with Allma?

There are 2 ways to declare an incident with Allma (manually or via an Allma integration with your alerting provider) —

  1. Declare an incident from anywhere in your Slack workspace via the slash command, /allma new or via the Slack button "Declare New Incident" in Allma's app home
  2. Off an alert: Declare an incident off an incoming alert from your PagerDuty integration with Allma bia the slash command, /allma new or via the Slack button "Declare New Incident" in Allma's app home and select the relevant alert(s) from the drop down in the modal.

How do I add team members to the Allma active incident channel?

There are a few ways to add team members to an incident —

The same way you would add your team to a Slack chanel, click "Add People" at the top of the active incident channel. You can add users individually or by batch group (so you can add your SRE / Engineering / On-call groups). You can add users directly in Slack or via email.

You can pre-configure Allma's incident notifications to push out an update each time an incident is declared to key channels in your workspace. We'll automatically generate a communication to your desired channels with a direct link to the active incident so team members can easily jump into the action.

If you have enabled an integration with your paging provider, you can page people directly into an active incident channel via the slash command /allma page. Note, you can override your paging escalation policy with a specific team member in Slack as long as the user has a Slack account and a PagerDuty account. When you page someone using Allma, Allma automatically appends incident information to give context and provides a direct link to the incident channel so the team member can jump into the action.

How do I get to Allma's app home in Slack?

  • Scroll down in the sidebar of Slack workspace to the bottom side bar
  • Command Keys: You can also navigate there via command "K," which pulls up a search bar where you type Allma and can easily navigate.

What can I do in Allma's app home in Slack?

Many things — 

  1. Declare a new incident
  2. View active incidents and jump into the incident channel
  3. Contact the Allma team
  4. View Release notes
  5. Get a tutorial of Allma
  6. Get help with Allma
  7. View the list of Allma commands

Can incident channels be public or private?

You can decide whether your incident channels or public or private You can configure this in settings at any time.

Why does Allma create 1 incident channel for every incident vs one channel for all incidents?

We create one incident channel per incident on your behalf to keep your incidents organized and clean and to create a safe space for teams to work through incidents, together. The danger of using one giant channel for all incidents is it becomes messy quickly and if you have multiple active incidents at the same time it can cause chaos in the channel.

Do roles have corresponding functionality tied to them?

Yes, the actions a collaborator can perform within an incident may be limited by the configuration of their role. For more information, see 🗝️ Workflow role permissions

Note: users without roles have a default set of permissions. See 🎩 Default incident permissions for more details.

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