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🤔 Emoji shortcut FAQs

What are Emoji shortcuts?

Allma's Emoji Shortcuts help you move at the speed of thought. Configure your own custom shortcuts in Slack so any time you react with an emoji, Allma will complete a task for you - such as:

  • Create tickets in Linear
  • Update deals in Salesforce
  • Summarize long threads in Slack
  • Create or add to documents in Notion
  • And many, many more

How do I set up Emoji Shortcuts?

Follow the configuration guide here:

Can I change which emojis trigger which actions?

Yes! In order to configure an emoji shortcut run /allma reacji , choose your shortcut, and update the emoji. You can learn more here:

How do I connect Allma to other tools like Jira, Asana, GitHub, Notion, and more?

You can connect to any external app through Zapier! Learn more by following our configuration guide here:

We've preconfigured a bunch of templates for you to use right in Zapier, use any of these to get a head start:

Can my teammates use Emoji Shortcuts?

They cannot use your exact shortcuts, they will need to configure Allma Emoji Shortcuts for themselves.

First, they will need to install Allma, and then follow the rest of the configuration guide here:

Will my teammates see what I'm doing? Does Allma post publicly?

Here's a list of what your teammates can see:

  • The emojis you react to messages with
  • Any action that results in a public message
    • Eject
  • Any button associated with an action that posts publicly
    • Gather context
    • Share with context
    • Summarize thread

Here's what your teammates cannot see:

  • Allma's private responses to you, confirming an action is complete
  • The emojis you configured, and the actions they trigger

Do Emoji Shortcuts work everywhere?

No, Emoji Shortcuts only work in channels that Allma is a member of. Allma will join public channels when you try to use your Emoji Shortcuts. Allma will ask you for permission to join any private channels where you try to use your Emoji Shortcuts. Allma cannot join any DMs or Group Chats.

How do I set up Jira?

Jira is still in Beta, you can follow the Jira configuration guide here:

Please note we do not fully support Jira at this time and will be shipping updates to this integration soon.

I used an emoji shortcut - can I undo it?

After an emoji shortcut is used, it can't be undone. You might be able to delete the result (message, ticket, etc), but it depends on the action you performed.

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