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❌ Deleting incidents

You can delete incidents from Allma so they no longer show up when you team checks the incident list in the web app, or uses the slash command /allma list in Slack.

Using delete incident

  1. Go to the web app ( and find the incident you want to delete
    NOTE – the incident must be resolved before you can delete it
  2. Click the red Delete button
    Screen Shot 2022-07-13 at 5.17.54 PM.png
  3. Read the confirmation modal
    Screen Shot 2022-07-13 at 5.18.25 PM.png
  4. If you are comfortable, click confirm


Why can't I delete an incident?

Is the incident resolved? If an incident is not resolved it cannot be deleted?

What happens to the incident channel when I delete the incident?

The incident channel will be archived

What happens to any integrations I have with the incident when it is deleted?

Any Jira tickets, PagerDuty alerts, StatusPage updates, or any other data written to Allma's integrations will not be deleted. If you need those deleted, you will need to manually tack them down and delete them within their respective platforms.

What if I accidentally delete an incident?


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