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🎩 Default incident permissions

Default permissions

Users without roles have the following permissions (unless disabled):

Assign and change roles of other collaborators

This will enable you to control who can assign roles to other folks in the workflow. Typically this would be the responsibility of an incident commander or other senior team member.

Note: This will not stop someone from assigning themselves a workflow role if it is available.

Create and edit timeline entries

This will enable you to control who can contribute timeline entries to the workflow directly.

Editing timeline entries is only available in the web app and only available to Allma admin level individuals.

Allma admins are able to add timeline entries to any workflow via Allma's web app, regardless of their incident participant role.

Modify the workflow’s severity

This will enable you to control who can modify the workflow’s severity.

Note: This only prevents a change to the existing severity on a workflow. When declaring a new workflow, a severity can always be chosen.

Disable default permissions

An Allma admin can disable permissions for users without roles in the organization’s settings page:


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