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🔌 Allma Actions in Slack Connects

What are Allma Actions in a Slack Connect?

Allma will respond with helpful actions to take when your team members are @ mentioned by an external party – usually customers – in a Slack Connect channel.

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Configuration guide

Make sure Allma installed in your workspace.

  1. Add Allma to the Slack Connect channel you want these actions in: /invite @allma
  2. Select no when Allma asks you if this is an internal channel bugs and feature requests are reported in
  3. You're all set

What are the actions?

Bring in collaborators

Privately message the team members you want to bring into the channel and give them the context they need to jump in and help. Your customers will not see the messages you send one another in a Slack Connect when you use this.

Share internally

Push a link to the message and added context to your teammates in an internal Slack Channel.

Add to Jira

Create a ticket in Jira for your team to work through.


Set a reminder for yourself to come back to this message in the future.

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