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Disruptions and Discoveries

Our goal is to create an engaging, inclusive, and fun community, so we are constantly challenging ourselves to improve and grow with you. We have launched Disruptions and Discoveries (DD), previously known as Battle Scars and Beers.

Dealing with the chaotic events at work can be stressful, scary, and even lonely. DD provides a space for you, our community members, to transform that stress and anxiety into knowledge and empathy. Our DD launch includes new topics and structure for the event.

Share memorable lore discovered during disruptive events with other incident collaborators

🗓 Fourth Wednesday, monthly I Zoom I ⏱ 5:00 pm Eastern / 2:00 pm Pacific

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🧙🏾‍♂️ Who Should Attend? 📟

We welcome anyone who works in a position directly in or adjacent to systems management, technical operations and DevOps, service delivery, site reliability (SRE), and other technical job roles that are on-call or have to handle incidents, workflow issues, etc. Basically, if your work is disrupted by ... your other [on-call] work, this is for you!

📚 Agenda

💜 Welcome

Our host will introduce the meeting, themselves, and if applicable, the speaker(s). Attendees will have a chance to introduce themselves.

🎉 Event

The event will vary from time to time, and may be a speaker/presentation, a panel discussion / Q&A, or a general discussion with story sharing. We always want to make room for everyone to share something and ask questions to seek better understanding. We will announce the upcoming event and relevant speaker information through our newsletter.

🌐 Networking

Attendees are strongly encouraged to network together, get to know each other, and connect after the meeting.

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