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Lessons, observations, and best practices from technology industry leaders

Scott Klein

The head of product at Levels Health on how to plan for incidents before they happen

Liz Fong-Jones

A principal developer advocate at Honeycomb on embracing defects and treating reliability as a product feature

Adam Surak

The VP of Infrastructure & Security at Algolia on navigating both availability and security incidents

Kelsey Hightower

A principal engineer for Google Cloud on how legacy applications are an opportunity—so long as you have a roadmap

Casey Rosenthal

The CEO and co-founder of Verica on using chaos engineering to navigate complex systems

Rich Paret

The founder of Tenarch on viewing recruiting as a long game and continually refining your processes

Rishi Bhargava

The VP of Product Strategy for Cortex at Palo Alto Networks on collaboration during security incidents

Daniel (dB.) Doubrovkine

What the former CTO of Artsy learned about automation on his way to principal engineer at AWS

David Sudia

How the CTO of UPchieve has combined his loves of tech and education

Lisa Hagemann

A DNS expert shares her journey into computers, cloud computing, and entrepreneurship

Freedom Dumlao

Wayfair’s head of commercial product engineering on his journey from banking to Amazon and beyond

Josh Evans

Lessons from a multi-decade engineering career, from the birth of streaming at Netflix to leaving a legacy at Datazoom

Nimisha Asthagiri

edX’s chief architect on why everyone needs to better understand software architecture

David Thor

The founder of on scaling from startup to corporation and back again

Kelly Haydu

CarGurus’ VP of Information Security and Technology on the psychology that underpins our decisions about data

Aaron Aldrich

A developer advocate at Red Hat talks about building a career based in community

Yujin Kim

The VP of Engineering at Justworks on security at the New York Times and solving incidents in the B2B space

Betsy Bilhorn

A founder on her path from IT, product management, and board advising to leading her own companies

Greg Ratner

The founding engineer of on starting a company, learning from past mistakes, and being a mentor

Thomas Hazel

The founder and CTO of ChaosSearch on big data, leadership, and the startup lifestyle

Jackie Wegman

How a senior manager of engineering teams at HubSpot thinks about communication at scale

Conor Harris

Privvy’s VP of engineering on building teams, leadership philosophies, and broadening horizons

Shawn Hansen

A site reliability engineer at on establishing a path in tech, from video game QA to a career in SRE

Sanket Firodiya

The lead iOS and founding engineer at Superhuman talks about building a successful startup

Melissa Leffler

Drift’s VP of Engineering shares her strategies for building and scaling engineering teams

Tanner Burson

Salsify’s Director of Engineering on scaling startups, his time at Drizly, and celebrating incremental victories

Ian Marlier

How the former director of reliability at HubSpot employed a customer-centric philosophy at scale

Bruce Dominguez

VGW’s squad lead for reliability and quality on his path from infrastructure to SRE

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