Allma Full-Stack Engineer with AI Focus

Allma is looking for a full-stack product engineer with an AI focus to build and lead Allma AI from the ground up, partnering directly with the leadership team. Allma is a fully distributed team and this is full-time, remote position.

To apply, drop us a line at We can't wait to hear from you.

About Allma

Allma is a Series A startup tackling the blizzard of work facing teams every day, to free teams up to focus on the deep work and key decision making that will move the company forward. Our AI workflow product enables companies to deploy AI internally to power their day to day operations and enable companies to build enduring organizations.

Allma is backed by Atlassian, Founder Collective, IA Ventures, Pillar, Wing, and Zoom and an incredible group of advisors including Kelsey Hightower, Nicolas Dessaigne, Jeremiah Brazeau, Claire Johnson, Christopher O'Donnell, Elias Torres, and more.

We are a distributed team and have been from our earliest days.

Who you are:

You are motivated by the opportunity to drive significant impact at an early startup, working directly with the leadership team. An experienced full-stack product engineer with an AI focus, you enjoy building end-to-end product and are excited to set and lead Allma AI from the ground up.

Reporting directly to our founder/CEO, you are someone who is driven by solving complex problems with people who lift you up and push you to grow. You are curious to explore cutting edge technology and build product from the ground up that serves everyone across an organization. You are vigilant and empathetic about building for our users’ needs and pain.

You are scrappy and resilient. A creative risk-taker, with high autonomy and extreme ownership.

You are data-driven, enjoy designing in ambiguous, white space, a fast experimenter, and thrive in PLG startups. You have experience working with engineers, designers, and product managers to develop and ship successful software products collaboratively. You enjoy working in a distributed environment, with an async culture.

What you’ll do:

  • Partner directly with Allma’s founder/CEO to define and drive Allma’s AI strategy.

  • Research, develop functional prototypes and products, and bring them to market to test and learn, quickly.

  • Take risks and experiment – generate creative ideas based on Allma’s vision and customers’ needs and lead fast, data-driven experiments to test your hypotheses

  • Work alongside our users to build product that fulfills customers’ needs and pain

  • Identify and train models and algorithms to identify unique approaches to solving product problems and opportunities efficiently and creatively.

Allma’s tech stack: React, SolidJS, Typescript on the frontend, Go backend, + AWS, ECS, MySQL, OpenAI.

Life at Allma

We are a 100% distributed team from our earliest days. This supports our goal of building a diverse company and supports our team through autonomy, optionality, and flexibility around work.

We invest in our team and encourage them to invest in the communities that matter to them, from full healthcare coverage and help for parents, to stipends for your home office and tooling needs, to additional stipends for giving back to charities and OSS projects that matter to you. Our benefits care for our team and support our team in caring for others across health, wellbeing, learning and growth, helping others, and community.


Medical and Mental Health and Wellness Support

  • 100% medical and dental coverage for employee and 50% for your dependents.

  • Mental health and wellness stipend for each employee

Working Environment Support

  • Any and all hardware and software that you need to do your best work

  • Office setup stipend

Path to Parenthood and Parenthood Support

We are committed to offering a progressive and equitable parental leave policy to support members of our team as they strive to balance their work with their personal life. Allma supports their team members’ path to parenthood by offering a three-part parenthood benefit:

  • Up to $15K one-time stipend to support your path to parenthood or non-parenthood (adoption, egg/embryo freezing cycle, IVF cycle, vasectomy).

  • 12 weeks paid parental leave for all new parents (birth, adoption, fostering) and an additional 6 weeks paid parental leave for all birth parents. Leave includes full benefits and continuation of vesting schedule for equity.

  • Part-time programming for the first 4 weeks back to enable new parents to work part-time as they transition back to work.

Consistent Learning and Growth Support

  • Annual stipend to attend conferences and 100% coverage to attend any conference you're speaking at.

  • Annual stipend for books, audiobooks, training materials, online courses, etc

Community Impact Support

  • Annual stipend to donate to charitable organizations of employee's choosing.

  • An annual stipend to donate to OSS projects and maintainers.

Financial Savings Support

  • 401(k) savings plans (no match yet)

Vacation Policy

  • Allma offers an unlimited vacation to full-time employees with a twist. We expect that you take a minimum of 10 days off per calendar year. Allma considers vacation time to be a true vacation, which means that you are expected to not be working, checking, or responding to work email, or being on-call. We believe that taking time off to rest and recharge is important to the health and success of our company.

Allma is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We’re committed to building a diverse and inclusive team. We encourage applications from people of all races, religions, national origins, genders, sexual orientations, gender identities, gender expressions and ages, as well as veterans and individuals with disabilities. This is a remote position, providing flexibility to work with a distributed and talented team.