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Say hello to Community Workflows

Allma’s new Community Workflows give users access to the secrets and strategies that leading builders and operators have already unlocked

By Madeleine Reese

At work, we can be hit by a blizzard of daily challenges—things breaking fast and breaking often. Too often we think we’re facing these challenges alone, that our experiences are unprecedented and unique. Not only is this experience (most of the time) not true, it’s lonely and it’s stressful.

At Allma, we know that we don’t have to go at it alone. The reality is that many others have faced these challenges before and have already figured out how to best navigate them. With that in mind, we’re interviewing world-class technologists and industry leaders to compile and share best practices for tackling their messiest, most critical work. We can learn from what others have mastered.

We’re excited to share what we’ve discovered: Allma’s new Community Workflows give users access, in-app, to the secrets and strategies that leading builders and operators have already unlocked. We're thrilled to announce that our first workflow is with Scott Klein of and Levels Health. Check out his Technical Incident Management Workflow to learn more about why he emphasizes values setting, advance preparation, and frequent communication.

We can learn so much from each other. Let’s build a community where we can triangulate our collective knowledge, where we can challenge and grow our thinking, where we can support each other, where we can unlock the best in each other. Join us today by subscribing to the Allma Newsletter, by finding us on Discord, and of course by adding us to Slack.

Madeleine Reese

founder and CEO, Allma

Work is messy – Allma brings together humans, data, and logic to problem solve and learn.

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