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How to create a PagerDuty incident in Slack

A guide to setting up your PagerDuty-Slack integration

By Team Allma

Usually, PagerDuty comes to us. When a server goes bump in the night, PagerDuty pages whoever is on call. But automated alerts don’t always cover all of what can go wrong. Sometimes, we need to manually trigger incidents. Thankfully, creating a PagerDuty incident from Slack can be done quickly and efficiently. Even better, Slack and PagerDuty are easy to integrate. Let’s get started!

What you’ll need

  1. A PagerDuty account
  2. A Slack workspace

Installing PagerDuty in Slack

First, you need someone with administrator (or higher) permissions within your Slack workplace to configure PagerDuty for Slack via the steps below.

  1. Log in to and go to (You can also navigate there by clicking on the “Integrations” in the top menu from the homepage.)
    1 - Slack toolbar.png
  2. Search for Slack and hit the add button next to it. This will require you to confirm your identity to PagerDuty.
  3. Then, connect your Slack workspace
2 - Welcome to Slack integration.png3 - Slack Workspaces.png

If you aren’t logged in to Slack in your web browser already, you will need to do so now. If you are already logged in, make sure you have the right workplace selected in the upper right!

4 - PagerDuty is requesting permission.png

To be able to trigger incidents, you will need to authorize PagerDuty to perform a number of actions:

  • To access and modify information about your channels
  • Add slash commands and add actions to messages (and view related content)
  • Access information about your workspace
  • Send messages as [Workspace Name] for Slack
  • Access your workspace’s profile information
  • Send messages as you

PagerDuty has a rundown of why each of these permissions are needed within their Slack Integration Guide. While there are ways to further customize your Slack/PagerDuty configuration, you’ve already accomplished what you need to do to create a PagerDuty incident from Slack.

Triggering an incident

Once PagerDuty and Slack are integrated, you can create a PagerDuty incident from Slack by typing `/pd trigger` in Slack and hitting enter. PagerDuty will pop up a modal dialog that will ask you to fill in details of the incident and pick to whom it should be assigned. You will only be able to assign it to Slack users who also have PagerDuty accounts with the same email address. Once you hit “Create” the incident will be triggered and will page the user you selected!

5 - Create an incident.png

Now that an incident has been declared, it’s time for incident management. At Allma, we like to think about it as incident collaboration. Incident collaboration means approaching incident management with the understanding that:

  • Everyone in the organization has a role to play in incidents
  • Incidents take many forms
  • A company likely experiences several org-wide incidents simultaneously

The core components of incident collaboration are figuring out the right team members to work with, gathering information, and communicating with your team, your organization, and your customers. For more, check out our guidance on “Effective incident management using Slack” and “So, you’re incident commander. Now what?

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