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🎉 Emoji actions have arrived!

Well, actually, they've been around. Now they're also in Allma!

By Michael Youniss

Emojis are an increasingly popular way to communicate in the workspace. They capture a range of emotions and actions with just one click. In the heat of the moment, that's important.

Emoji reactions let users interact with Allma the way they interact with each other: emojis. Emoji reactions will also help users speed past Allma's slash commands (/allma)—letting users quickly add events to their workflow timelines. Feature documentation can be found here.

emoji reaction.gif

We are starting out with the 📓 emoji to help your team capture key events and decisions in the Allma timeline for post-incident reviews and audits. Once you've identified an important message you want to memorialize to the timeline, react with a 📓 emoji and Allma will push that message to your timeline.

This is just the beginning of our emoji journey! If you have ideas for more emoji actions, send them to

Michael Youniss

Product Manager, Allma

Michael Youniss joined Allma from Salsify, where he worked on the core data model underlying their Product Experience Management toolset. Before that, he worked at Capital One. In his free time you'll find him running, biking, cooking, or hiking.

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