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Announcing Allma workflows! πŸ”„

We're your new workflow collaboration tool

By Michael Youniss

Allma is expanding beyond technical incidents to serve as your workflow collaboration tool, offering security investigations, customer escalations, tabletop exercises, and a sandbox.

What is a workflow?

A workflow is a system containing a set of interdependent events, components, and actions configured in a permutation to apply to a specific organizational use case at a specific point in time alongside metadata that informs configuration.

What workflows does Allma provide?

Allma provides the user with a technical incident workflow out of the box that may be configured to the team’s satisfaction.

Beyond the customizable technical incident workflow, Allma also provides a number of curated workflows, which can be accessed via /allma new in Slack.

  • a 🎑 Sandbox workflow configuration
  • a 🎲 Tabletop workflow configuration
  • a πŸ”’ Security incident workflow configuration
  • a ❗ Customer escalation workflow configuration

To learn more, check out our docs!

How do they work?

Slack Workflow Selection Modal.gif
  • Use the workflow selection modal to choose the most appropriate collaboration framework
  • Customize your technical incident on the workflow overview page
  • Configure notifications to trigger based on workflow type and severity level for streamlined communication.
  • Filter by workflow type in the Allma web app

Michael Youniss

Product Manager, Allma

Michael Youniss joined Allma from Salsify, where he worked on the core data model underlying their Product Experience Management toolset. Before that, he worked at Capital One. In his free time you'll find him running, biking, cooking, or hiking.

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