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9 great apps for your Slack workflows

Adding the workflow features of your integrated apps will make your automations even more powerful

By Team Allma

Slack workflows let you automate processes and give your team easy access to forms, but adding the workflow feature of one of your integrated apps makes them even more powerful. Take a look at our picks for the best apps to power your Slack workflows:


One of the best features of Datadog’s integration with Slack is the ability to pull dashboards directly into Slack with slash commands. Using the Datadog workflow step, you can incorporate dashboards with other steps in your incident workflows to automatically send data to the channel where your team is working.


Managing meetings can be tough in a remote environment, and making sure action items are both recorded and added into the project can be a hassle. When you incorporate Fellow’s app steps into your Slack workflows, you can do things like automatically create action items, record talking points, or add a user to a Fellow stream.


Polly is a great app for collecting feedback, whether it’s customer experiences or deciding where to order your team lunch. Polly’s Slack workflow step allows you to use Polly templates in your workflow steps to do things like ask for feedback on a schedule.


PagerDuty’s Slack integration comes packaged with a workflow step that allows you to build incident creation into your workflows after using Slack workflows’ other features to gather details, access apps, and notify teammates.

Google Sheets for Workflow Builder

Google Sheets has a Slack app that’s purpose-built for workflows. The steps in Google Sheets for Workflow Builder allow you to add, update, and delete rows in your connected Google Sheet, or select a row from your sheet to import your data from Google Sheets into Slack.


If your app of choice doesn’t integrate directly with Slack or have any workflow steps, Zapier might be the answer. With the “more steps by Zapier” Slack workflow step, you can start your automation in Slack and then leverage Zapier’s enormous integration capabilities to send data to hundreds of different apps. is another Slack integration that acts a little bit like middleware. With the Slack workflow step, you can connect the Bots you build in to your Slack workflows to source data or trigger automations directly from Slack.

Workflow Steps for Jira

Jira is widely used by engineering teams to manage tasks and projects, but it doesn’t come with any built-in workflow steps. The Workflow Steps for Jira app has one function: to fill that void by adding workflow steps that allow users to create and update issues, and even extract Slack message content for use in Jira issues.


ToDoBot is a pretty simple but immensely helpful app: it allows you to easily add to-dos that come up in your Slack conversations to your list without leaving Slack. The workflow step brings that same functionality into your Slack workflows.

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