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7 great Slack apps for staying productive

Minimize app switching—and keep your team communicating smoothly

By Team Allma

Slack integrations let you bring pretty much any app you use into your Slack workspace, minimizing app switching and keeping you and your team communicating smoothly. We’ve collected some of the best Slack app integrations (as well as some of their alternatives) for staying productive: 

Reacji Channeler

The first app on the list was actually designed by the Slack engineering team for internal use before they released it to the public. The concept is simple but super useful: connect an emoji to a specific channel, and any time that emoji is used as a reaction to a message, the message will be reposted to the assigned channel. 


Asana is a great tool for keeping your work and your team organized, and the Asana Slack integration gives you the power to manage your tasks directly from Slack. Create new tasks with a slash command, or turn messages into tasks and comments. The integration is two-way, so you can also set up alerts in Slack to know when you’ve been assigned a new task, or when an update has been made to something you’re watching. 

Asana alternatives: TrelloAirtableMonday


Rollbar is a monitoring tool that catches exceptions that occur as your users interact with your app throughout the day, and since it works with multiple languages and frameworks, you can use it across your entire stack. Once integrated with Slack, Rollbar will send exception alerts as Slack notifications to the channel of your choice, and users can resolve and assign the issues from the alert message. 

Rollbar alternativesBugsnagSentry


Intercom adds a chat feature to your sales site so potential customers can reach you quickly—and so you don’t lose a lead. Rather than having to monitor a whole separate chat interface, the Intercom Slack integration lets you receive and respond to those questions without leaving Slack.

Intercom alternatives: HubspotSmallchatLive Chat


One of the most recognizable tools in the development world, Jira keeps your engineering team on track with a seemingly endlessly customizable interface. Integrating with Slack gives you vital information about what your team is doing by posting messages in your channels. Like most things in Jira, the messages are customizable, so you get the most important details and nothing else. 

Jira alternative: Linear


Github is up there with Jira in terms of ubiquitous use in the development world: teams use it to safely and effortlessly collaborate on the codebases. The Slack integration for Github posts notifications to Slack about issues and pull requests, and lets users manage Github repos with slash commands. 

Github alternativeGitlab


For everything else, there is Zapier. That’s probably an overstatement—but it’s not too far off. Zapier allows connections between hundreds of apps, so you can send data between your various tools. With the Slack integration, you can use it as an intermediary to bring your tools that don’t have an out-of-the-box integration into your Slack workspace. 


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