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6 key lessons on recruiting from our conversation with Rich Paret

The founder of Tenarch says recruiting is a long game—and every candidate gives you an opportunity to refine your processes

By Rich Paret

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Incidentally: An Interview with Kelly Haydu

CarGurus’ VP of Information Security and Technology on the psychology that underpins our decisions about data

By Kelly Haydu

5 reasons to rethink the 5 whys

Humans are at the core of this exercise, and we have to put humans first

By Madeleine Reese

An AWS tagging strategy for cost tracking, security, and DataDog integration

Comprehensively applied AWS tags will pay dividends many times over

By Doug Ireton

An introduction to Slack workflows

Automate recurring tasks, from greeting a new colleague to coordinating a service outage

By Team Allma

Scott Klein’s Incident Communications Template

Get started with example updates to both internal and external audiences during a technical incident

By Scott Klein

Scott Klein’s Incident Values Template

Establish your incident values ahead of time—and get started with these questions

By Scott Klein

Scott Klein's Technical Incident Management Workflow

The founder of offers his guide to managing technical incidents—with an emphasis on establishing your values and frequent communication

By Scott Klein

The top 7 Slack apps for incident management and collaboration

Coordinate and resolve incidents faster and more easily by bringing your incident management into Slack

By Team Allma

🐛 bug bash and 🧵 threaded incident subscription notifications

Two new additions to your favorite incident collaboration app

By Tyler Nieman

5 key lessons from Scott Klein’s incident management workflow

The head of product at Levels Health on how to plan for incidents before they happen

By Scott Klein

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