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So, you're incident commander, now what?

Your number one job is to ensure that progress is being made to resolve the incident.

By Joshua Timberman

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🎉 Emoji actions have arrived!

Well, actually, they've been around. Now they're also in Allma!

By Michael Youniss

How are puppies related to tabletop exercises?

Curated scenarios, recommended practices, and advice for tabletop moderators from Allma users

By Jean Lethuillier

How to create a PagerDuty incident in Slack

A guide to setting up your PagerDuty-Slack integration

By Team Allma

Incidentally: An Interview with Nimisha Asthagiri

edX's chief architect on why everyone needs to better understand software architecture

By Nimisha Asthagiri

Effective incident management using Slack

Endless configurability does not have to mean endless stress

By Pete Cheslock

Incidentally: An Interview with Betsy Bilhorn

A founder on her path from IT, product management, and board advising to leading her own companies

By Betsy Bilhorn

Incidentally: An Interview with Jackie Wegman

How a senior manager of engineering teams at HubSpot thinks about scaling skills and teams

By Jackie Wegman

Incidentally: An Interview with Lisa Hagemann

A DNS expert shares her journey into computers, cloud computing, and entrepreneurship

By Lisa Hagemann

Incidentally: An Interview with Yujin Kim

The VP of Engineering at Justworks on security at the New York Times and solving incidents in the B2B space

By Yujin Kim

Incidentally: An Interview with Josh Evans

The former head of Netflix operations engineering and playback services on the birth of streaming, best reliability practices, and being CTO of Datazoom

By Josh Evans

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