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Distributed, hybrid, project-focused: the way we work is changing rapidly. Notifications, alerts, messages, fire drills, meetings, gathering and sharing information—the torrent of urgent, be-here-now tasks in workplaces today distract us from the clarity and deep thought necessary for our best work. 

Allma is building a new system of collaboration for truly flexible, dynamic, synchronous, interoperable, and efficient workplaces that honor the time and resources of individuals and organizations alike. We understand that the most crucial work accomplished in any role and at any workplace is collaborative: making the decisions that define projects, organizations, and missions. Allma’s goal is to lift up the work—the conversations, the connections, the information sharing—that fuels those decisions.

Connect the apps

Companies use an average of 254 software applications—for enterprises, that number rockets to 364. In organizations large and small, what makes these myriad systems work together is people, who spend precious time context switching—and often copying and pasting—between one platform and another.

In the face of this mounting connective work, Allma provides a collaborative layer that links applications, systems, and conversations and—crucially—empowers individuals to get things done. With Allma, users can take action and complete tasks without the busy work of switching between tools. Companies from Drift to Opendoor use Allma to instantly create tickets in JIRA, sync documentation, keep track of to-do lists, and work together as a team—with the click of a button (or emoji shortcut).

Building a better workplace

Context-aware and action-oriented, Allma imagines a way of working where small tasks take little-to-no time, and big tasks—thinking deeply, collaborating with your team, making informed and purposeful decisions—get the space and tooling they deserve. We are building a unified, organization-wide system that connects individuals with the people, processes, applications, and information they need, where and when they are needed. As a collaboration tool, Allma’s value compounds as a way to visualize how work happens across an organization: a rich dataset of applications used, meetings scheduled, conversations turned into actions.

Roadmap for the future

In the spirit of collaboration and a shared attention to individual experience, Allma publishes Roadmap, a new online magazine about work. Both editorially independent and free to read, the digital publication is helmed by Molly McArdle—a former editor of Stripe’s Increment, the Gates Foundation-funded How We Get to Next, and Brooklyn Magazine—and features contributions from reporters, founders, essayists, engineers, experts in their field, poets, cartoonists, and fiction writers. Roadmap’s focus is human-sized: the individual experience of working in a role, in an organization, in a life. Where Allma is the tool, Roadmap is the guide. With both product and publication, we aim to be worthy of your time.

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Allma is a fully distributed and multidisciplinary team of engineers, artists, and obsessives of all stripes. Led by Madeleine Reese—a veteran of Bridgewater’s senior management team, Goldman Sachs, and Artsy, as well as a former Columbia comparative lit major went on to get an MBA from Harvard—the Allma team combines the rigor of business, the systematic thinking of code, and the creativity of the arts. Learn more about our values, and what it’s like to work for Allma, on our careers page.

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