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Allma is UI-less Incident Collaboration. Slack-native alerting, incident response, and service cataloging. We enable the entire organization to resolve incidents faster, communicate more effectively, and evolve their systems at scale.

Allma plugs directly into your existing tooling and incident process and is pre-loaded with configurable, incident guidance from 300+ Engineering leaders. Allma makes it clear who's doing what during an incident, and keeps everyone up-to-date with status updates from beginning to resolution.

The Allma team has scaled fast-growing organizations and run incidents. Lived the chaos and pain. We're a group of empathetic problem solvers.

Our goal— Incident Collaboration for the whole company. No context switching. No anxious teams or customers.


Our vision is a world in which the entire organization is equipped to work through incidents together systematically and at scale. We're driven to solve incidents teams don't know they have, before they know they have them. To prevent incidents from happening before they happen or from happening 2x+. To help organizations consistently learn and evolve their systems and their way of working together through incidents.

Incidents take many forms — breaks in your software applications, customer adhoc bug reports, marketing language mix-ups, people issues, product conundrums, payroll issues. Incident Collaboration is the recognition that everyone in the organization has a role to play in incidents, that incidents take many forms, and that a company likely experiences several org-wide incidents simultaneously. At the end of the day, incidents are opportunities for collaborative discovery — for coming together across the company, navigating problems as they arise, and consistently learning and growing.


Allma is built from the pain and needs of our customers and our community. Allma is fueled by our team's experiences scaling teams and running incidents. At Allma, we build with empathy, by knowing what we don't know and through constant learning. We focus on getting to truth, calling out our biases, and seeking to understand, rather than seeking to be understood. We bring kindness, enthusiasm, and positive energy to all that we do.

Madeleine Reese

Madeleine Reese

Founder and CEO



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Pete Cheslock





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Tyler Nieman





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Allma is supported by incredible investors and advisors.

Folks who lift us up and challenge our thinking. Whom we deeply respect and learn from every day.

Kelsey Hightower

Staff Developer Advocate, Google Cloud Platform

Jesse Beyroutey

IA Ventures

Elias Torres Profile Picture

Elias Torres

Founder and CTO @ Drift

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Eric Paley

Founder Collective

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Ted Zagat

Product @ Slack

Badrul Farooqi Profile Picture

Badrul Farooqi

Product (formerly @ Figma)

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