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Fly through your work


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β€œAllma has taken the guesswork out of our incident response and communication process. Now we spend our time solving problems instead of trying to figure out orchestration during an incident.” - Trevor Rundell, Director of Engineering, Drift

1-click emoji shortcuts to every tool

Turn your Slack reactions into personalized shortcuts and save time on everyday tasks.

🎫 ➜ Create tickets in Jira, GitHub, ...
πŸ‘€ ➜ Send β€œI’m on it” (or any other text)
πŸ“ ➜ Add to-dos to your notes app
πŸ“οΈ ➜ Sync to your Notion, Confluence, ...
... and 20+ other shortcuts

Create your own shortcuts or share them with your team.

Feel good β€” look even better

Shortcuts to speed up collaboration with teammates and customers in Slack Connect channels, ensure customer issues are resolved quickly,

πŸ†˜ ➜ Escalate messages to multiple channels
πŸ“… ➜ Share your calendar
πŸ—ΊοΈ ➜ Push feedback to prod roadmap
⏰ ➜ Schedule reminders

Superpowers in your browser

No more wasteful context switching: Allma’s browser extension will help you keep focused on the web page you’re on.

πŸ”— Send the current web page, along with any additional context, to Slack channels.

⚑ Quick responses in any text field - share you calendar, request more information, ...

1-click emoji shortcuts to all your tools

With Allma, move as fast as you work

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